Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Empire Club In New Orleans, Part Four

The visitors met the Lone Stars on Sept. 24th, and never before did such a crowd assemble to witness a game of base ball in that section.  In the first contest between these clubs, at St. Louis, the score was 7 to 6 in favor of the Stars, and speculation was rife as to whether the well earned laurel would remain in the possession of the New Orleans boys or not.  The game, upon the whole, was a very creditable one, both clubs playing safe and sharply, and run getting was a difficult thing.  The Stars played a good up-hill game, while the Empires did the contrary, as will be seen by the runs in each inning.
-Mears Baseball Scrapbook, Volume 2, 1870-1877

Tobias had this to say about the game:

The fourth and last game was with the Lone Star on Sunday, Sept. 24, and both clubs started in with full determination to win, the Empire because the Stars had won a game from them at St. Louis earlier in the season by a score of 7 to 6 and the Stars were inspired by the three defeats suffered by the other home clubs.  The Stars being the strongest team in the South, the game attracted a larger and rougher crowed than either of the others...

The largest crowd ever seen in the New Orleans ball park witnessed this game which should and would have ended in a fourth victory for the Empire, but that two erroneous decisions in the seventh inning enabled the Stars to score six runs, aided by remarks from roughs in the crowd.

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