Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nothing Is More Uncertain Than A Game Of Base Ball

The second game between the Union Club and the Union Jr. Club, took place Thursday afternoon at the St. Louis Base Ball Park, and was well attended, considering the state of the weather.  Both clubs presented good representatives, and it was generally expected that the Union Club would take all the honors of the match, but nothing is more uncertain than a game of base ball, as was demonstrated by this match.  The result of the game is very creditable to the Union Jr. and places them among the foremost clubs of the city, a position which they have great confidence in maintaining.

The Union Club did not make such an exhibition of strength as was generally looked for, though their batting was very commendable and of the safe order.  Messrs. Carr, Greenleaf, Turner and Lucas are deserving of creditable mention for fielding as well as batting.

Of the Union Jr. Club, Yeatman, Wolff and McCreery take the honors.  Yeatman particularly distinguishing himself by a running fly catch.  Barada, pitcher, did good execution, and is evidently improving.

Owing to the weather but six innings were played, resulting in a score of 8 to 6 in favor of the Union Jr...
-Missouri Republican, May 15, 1869

Even in a shortened game, this was a huge upset.  The Unions were the two-time defending champion of St. Louis and Missouri and they weren't supposed to lose to a junior club.  They weren't supposed to lose to anyone but the Empires or one of the big Eastern clubs that periodically came to town. 

Having said that, the Union Juniors had some good ballplayers on the club.  Wayman McCreery was a young player who would play with the Unions in the future and Wally Wolff was an experienced player who had played with the antebellum Olympic club and also had played with the Unions.  They weren't a bunch of scrubs.   

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