Friday, April 26, 2013


A match game of the most interesting and exciting character came off on the Veto Grounds, on the 13th inst., between the two clubs, the former, students of the Christian Brothers' Academy, the latter of the St. Louis University, which resulted in the defeat of the Academic.  Both nines exhibited in a proficiency at the "bat" and in the field not to be expected in the initial game of the season.

The excellent play, together with the favorableness of the weather, rendered the game all that could be desired.  The conduct of the defeated nine merits unqualified approbation from members of the Pickwick, nevertheless, we would suggest to the non-combatants who cheered so vociferously, and whose sympathies appeared to be enlisted on the side of the Academic, that attempts to disconcert opponents are by no means manly, nor are they exactly in good taste.  We hope the gentlemen of the Academic will not take offence at these remarks, as they are not intended for them.  On the contrary, we repeat that they accepted their defeat gracefully, and as becomes a nine beaten, were not dishonored.

The score at the end of the ninth inning was: Academic 38; Pickwick 48.
-Missouri Republican, May 15, 1869


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