Saturday, July 21, 2012

Taking The Weekend Off

Too much stuff on my plate and I don't have time right now to get any posts up.  Hopefully, life will be back to normal on Monday and I'll get something up for Tuesday.  I'm just busier than sin and have to focus on the stuff that actually pays the bills. 

Anyway, I feel bad about this and want to give you something.  How about FreakAngels?  This is Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's online comic that completed its run last year.  Seriously good stuff.  If you like Transmetropolitan or Planetary or the Authority, you'll love FreakAngels.  I read the complete run of Runaways before I read FreakAngels and there was a similar kind of vibe in both comics.  They were both much more character-driven, rather than plot-driven, tales.  The story and action in FreakAngels is good but it's the characters that grab you and keep you reading.  Go take a look.

So it's back to the grind for me, slaving away for my daily bread and dreaming of the day when I can retire to the leisurely life of a historian.         

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