Monday, July 2, 2012

Looking For Joseph Hollenback

The never-ending search for biographical information about Joseph Hollenback continues and it's as frustrating as always.

Adding to all the confusion about Hollenback is two pieces of information that I recently found in the Hollenbeck Family Genealogy Forum at  According to Judy Cobin, there is a death record stating that a "Joseph Hollenbeck, born in Germany, died in St. Louis of Typhoid Fever, age 24, October 11, 1860."  That could very well be our Joseph Hollenbeck.  I always assumed that the lack of information about him was a result of the fact that he died young. 

However, in the same thread, Steven Piper noted that a Sarah Ann Potterfield married a Joseph Hollenbeck in the late 1860s.  The two were married near Eureka, Missouri and had children born as late as 1880.  That could also be our guy.

Who knows?  The problem with the first candidate is that I'm reasonably certain that our Joseph Hollenbeck was born in New York and not Germany.  The problem with the second candidate is that, as I mentioned, I think Hollenbeck died young.  The quest for information about Joseph Hollenbeck (or Hollenback or Hollenbach or whatever) is easily the most frustrating thing I've run up against as a researcher.  But I ain't got no quit in me so I guess I'll just keep looking.     

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