Saturday, July 7, 2012

Martin Burke's Obituary

Col. Martin Burke, well known in St. Louis previous to the war, died last week in Natchez, Miss.  He was only thirty-five years of age.  About two months ago he left St. Louis for Natchez, where, as here, he soon surrounded himself with a host of friends and admirers.
-Missouri Republican, January 22, 1870

E.H. Tobias wrote that Burke was killed during the war and I quoted him to that effect in Base Ball Pioneers.  However, it appears that Tobias was wrong and that Burke lived through the war.  This leads to the question of whether or not Burke, who served as a company commander in Bowen's Division, was at Shiloh and/or Vicksburg.     

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Bruce Allardice said...

Burke died of consumption 1-9-1870 in Natchez, per city sexton records.