Thursday, July 26, 2012

John J. Fogarty

John Fogarty's grave

The St. Louis Club last week gave one Fogarty, a St. Louis amateur, a trial at centre field. 
-Sporting Life, September 30, 1885

Fogarty, who is to take Seery's place at left field to-day, is known as the crack of all the local outfielders.  
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 18, 1885

This was John Joseph Fogarty, who also may have been known as Jack Fogarty.  He got into two games for the Maroons in 1885.  His first game was on September 18, against Providence, when he got his lone major league hit and had two putouts.  His second and final game was on September 19, also against Providence, when he went hitless, although he did score a run.   As the Globe noted, he played left field.

These are the kinds of guys I find fascinating.  John Fogarty barely got a cup of coffee in the big leagues.  He had just one single, solitary hit.  He scored only one run in his major league career.  And here we are a hundred plus years later talking about the guy.   According to the 1900 census, Fogarty was married with a couple of kids, living in St. Louis and working at a foundry.  He lived a regular, normal life and we remember him simply because he played in two games for a crappy baseball club in 1885. 

The grave photo comes from Find A Grave and was taken by Connie Nisinger.     

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