Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Civil War-Era Baseball Grounds At Eighth And Hickory

A spirited match took place yesterday at the grounds on Eighth and Hickory streets, between the Empire and Hickory clubs.  The former proved the victors by a score of twenty-eight, to nine for the latter.
-Missouri Republican, May 10, 1864

This is specifically notable for the fact that the game was played at Eighth and Hickory.  I was unaware of a baseball grounds located in the area, which is the currant location of the 4 Hands Brewing Company, makers of outstanding beer. 

And, again, I'm hammering home the point that there was much more baseball activity going on in St. Louis during the Civil War than was previously believed.  Also, it's not just that there was baseball going on but that the game was growing in St. Louis during the war, with new players, new clubs and new grounds.    

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