Thursday, April 5, 2012

That Was All

Baldwin only made three errors in the game at Kansas City on Tuesday.  That was all.  Kansas City will be likely to set down on him.  
-Quincy Daily Herald, July 31, 1884

Man, they just couldn't let it go.  The interesting thing is that the paper reported that Bob Black did not sign with the KC Unions and that he played with the Quincy club on July 30.  Now, the point is not whether or not Black signed and played with KC, because he did end up on the club.  The point is, after all the crap the paper wrote about Baldwin and Black, when they believed that Black was going to stay in Quincy, they commended his actions and called him honorable.  Not like that piece of sh*t Baldwin, who was a lecherous traitor and a mouthy drunk.

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