Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poor Kid

Poor Black.  Poor Kid. 
Josh Billings must have meant Black and Baldwin when he said, "Put a beggar on horseback and he will ride to the devil..." 
Black and Baldwin cursed the newspapers of the city yesterday. 
The "Kid" played with the Kansas City Unions Sunday.  For this he ill be blacklisted.  Poor Kid.
Black abused the Quincy newspapers yesterday.  And yet had it not been for the newspapers of the city Black would be very near a pauper to-day. 
The nine men form the Gem Citys played a better average game yesterday afternoon than the "pony" battery of Black and Baldwin.  That "pony" battery would break up any club in the league.  What Black's pitching couldn't do Baldwin's mouth could.
-Quincy Daily Herald, July 29, 1884

I have to admit that I got a kick out of the Quincy paper's coverage of Baldwin jumping to the KC Unions.  There's nothing like bitterness and anger fueled by provincial insecurity.

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