Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quincy Has Had Enough Of Kid Baldwin

"Kid" Baldwin, one of the players of the Quincy club, left town last night and the report was that he had jumped the club to join the Kansas City Unions.  This means that the "Kid" will be blacklisted.  Those who have been familiar with the "Kid's" goings-on of late will not be surprised at this announcement.  The "Kid" was picked up by Overrocker last year after he had been fired by Springfield on account of his mouth.  When he came here he was made a pet of, and was spoiled.  He is a good player, but his tongue demoralizes the club he plays with, and to him, as much as to any one else, the recent defeats of the Quincy club can be attributed.  He got the idea into his head that he was the whole club, and his egotism ruined him.  Besides, this year he has been associating with lewd women and drinking.  In one of the Saginaw games he was with two disreputable women up to the time of going to the ground, and drank enough beer to render him unfit to play.  for some time past notorious women have been associating with him.  The "Kid" plays well, but his conceit kills him.  He has scarcely a friend among the players in the League.  He will, if he joins the Kansas Citys, burst up the club before the season is through.  Quincy has had enough of him, and Kansas City can take him and welcome.  It was reported that Black was to jump at the same time, but the report was not confirmed.  If Black wants to go, and be blacklisted, by all means let him go.
-Quincy Daily Herald, July 27, 1884

Dang.  That was a bit harsh, don't you think?  So according to the Quincy paper, Baldwin was a mouthy, conceited, egotistical, drunken, spoiled kid who associated with loose women.  He was a loser and nobody liked him.  One has to believe that the paper's opinion of Baldwin was colored, just a bit, by bitterness and, possibly, anger.   

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