Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Very Intelligent, Respectable And Infuential Body

Henry V. Lucas, President of the Union Base Ball Association, arrived home last night from Philadelphia, where he had been attending the Association's Convention. He said that he found the gentlemen composing the Convention a very intelligent, respectable and influential body of men, and felt highly honored by being chosen as their presiding officer. As for news, he has none. He had devoted himself exclusively to the convention while away, and did nothing of special interest to this community. Desiring to be at home during the holidays he carefully avoided becoming involved in negotiations with players which might lead to his detention. The Globe-Democrat reports, he says, covered the transactions of the Convention so fully that he is left with nothing new to impart. In his opinion the six clubs now in the Association will be all that it will take into membership for a year. The sentiment of the Convention was to that effect. Future circumstances may make a change of plans, but none is now anticipated. When asked about a catcher for his nine he said: "Don't be alarmed about that. We will have a catcher, and one that will be a credit to the club and the city."
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, December 22, 1883

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