Thursday, May 12, 2011

Drink Wainwright Bottled Beer: It's Awesome

I went back to find the first mention of Ellis Wainwright's involvement with the Maroons and, just to get this out of the way, there's a reference to the Lucas-Wainwright club in the Globe on November 15, 1883. I don't see anything prior to that. But, even better, I found a bunch of advertisements for the Wainwright Brewing Company that are so cool, I feel the need to pass some of them along. All of these blurbs appeared in the Globe in April and May of 1883:

The Wainwright Brewing Company is now bottling a very superior article of larger beer, to which the attention of the public is directed. It is entirely free from the objectionable features usually attached to bottled beer. It is bright, clear and strong, and especially adapted for fine family trade.

Go to Wm. Gundelfinger's for Wainwright's Bock Beer.

It has become fashionable to have the Wainwright bottled beer in the house. Fashionable people know what is nice and appreciate what is good.

Don't allow your grocer to substitute any other brand of beer if you order the Wainwright bottled beer. It is the best, brightest and purest.

The Wainwright bottled beer is unsurpassed as a tonic. Hops and malt are its ingredients.

Ladies who drink beer by advice of their physician should take the Wainwright Bottle Beer for its strengthening properties.

To which I can only say that I, also, drink bottled beer for its strengthening properties, on the advice of my physician.

In all seriousness, the image above, which is just fantastic, comes from carlylehold's flickr stream and he reserves all rights to said image. He's got some really neat vintage advertising stuff that I'd encourage you to check out.

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