Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In A Quiet Condition

The local base ball situation is one of extreme quietude, neither of the rival organizations developing anything of public interest...

The Union Association Club is working quietly to perfect its organization, and while President Lucas has nothing specific to communicate he says that he is receiving numerous applications for positions on his nine from good ball players, and there need be no doubt that the vacancies in the team will be filled with first-class men. It is a quiet rumor that Bushong will be here to face Mullane when the club takes to the diamond. He is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dentistry, and is now in Paris studying the French practice of the profession. It is said that in letters that have been received from him he states that if he played ball again he desires to do so in a place where he can devote himself remuneratively to dentistry in the winter months, and eventually retire from the diamond to a good practice. If this is true there is little doubt but President Lucas can offer him much better inducements to come to St. Louis than can be offered him by the Cleveland Club managers, and that he will become a citizen of this city is highly probable.

Ted Sullivan arrived home on Thursday. His trip extended through the Northwest, Milwaukee and Chicago.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, January 6, 1884

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