Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Is Wickedly Cynical

I love it:

The idea advanced, some days ago, that the Union Association would leave the players that have joined it in a tight place after the season opened, is being used on all sides. It is true. After the seceders from the old associations have been black-listed, they are settled, so far as those associations are concerned. With no other avenue for their work, the Union Association can do with them as it likes. I predict that next season a more stringent rule than that of reservation and salary limit will be adopted by the Unions, and the seceders cannot again secede, but must stand the grind.
-Cleveland Herald, December 31, 1883

A healthy dose of cynicism is just the tonic I need to wash away the bitterness of that Sullivan nonsense. Of course, a week earlier, the Herald was predicting that the UA wouldn't even make it to the opening of their first season and here they're predicting not only a second season but what kind horrendous results a second season would bring about.

Never let consistency and logic stand in the way of a good argument.

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