Monday, May 16, 2011

A Mean, Silly Fabrication

A story is going the rounds of the press that Henry Lucas offered Morrill, of the Boston Club, $3,600 to play with his nine next year. Mr. Lucas says he did not see Morrill when at Boston, and has not made him any offer through any third party. The report is undoubtedly a mean, silly fabrication.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, December 11, 1883

This isn't particularly relevant but I loved that turn of phrase in the last sentence. So I'm posting it.

Morrill, one has to assume, is Long John Morrill. If you check his stats at B-Ref, he doesn't, on a surface glance, look like much but, if you really look at the numbers, the guy was a rather useful ballplayer. He had some power, took some walks, and could run the bases. Morrill was a decent offensive player and would have done well in the UA.

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