Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

The sensational deal by which Bob Caruthers was transferred from the Browns to Brooklyn was completed yesterday when Caruthers placed his name to a Brooklyn contract for 1888. Joe Pritchard, as stated in yesterday's Globe-Democrat, left Monday night for Chicago and signed the Parisian twirler in his home yesterday. The following telegram received last night explains itself:

Signed Caruthers for Brooklyn to-day. Leave for Milwaukee to-night.

Joe Pritchard.

Just what Pritchard went to Milwaukee for it is not known, but he is probably after another player for Mr. Byrnes. The conditions of Caruthers' contract are $5000, with $1000 in advance. It is also stated in the contract that, in the event of Bob laying off for sickness or injury, he is not to be docked. Bob likes to take a rest each summer but does not like for his salary to be stopped while he is enjoying the peace and quiet of home life.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, December 14, 1888

And with that, we're finished with the Browns' player sales of 1887. All the players have been sold, all the players have been signed, Von der Ahe is off to Europe and the Browns are still in California playing an occasional game. I'll have some kind of a wrap up tomorrow and then it's one to other things.

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