Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick Time

Quick time was made in a match at St. Louis in a game between the Empire and Resolute clubs a few days since. The former won with a score of 43 to 35, and, according to a printed account of the game, all in thirty-five minutes.
-New York Herald, June 10, 1868

I'm not sure if it's physically possible to score seventy-eight runs in thirty-five minutes but if there were seventy-eight runs scored in a modern game, I'm sure the game would take about nine or ten hours to play.


Ted Y. said...

I was wondering if there was a reference tothe original printed account.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

Not in the Herald's account and I haven't seen a reference to the game in the StL papers. I really haven't been through the StL papers for the 1866-1874 period; there's not much online and when I'm at the library I'm usually focused on the antebellum/war years.

Tobias doesn't mention the game in his account of the 1868 season. He writes that the Empires' first match game was on May 21st and then skips ahead to the visit of the Athletics in mid June. The first Empire/Resolute match he mentions took place on July 16, with the Empires winning 38-12.