Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The 1887 World Series: Von der Ahe Interviewed

Chris Von der Ahe was interviewed by the St. Louis Globe-Democrat after he returned from the east. The interview appeared in the Globe on September 16, 1887.

"Will your men be all together soon again?"

"I think they will all be in shape to play the winners of the League pennant at the close of the championship season. It will be the first time the original nine of champions will have played together since Bushong's injury-July 1-and the St. Louis club can hold their own against any team in existence."

"Who, in your opinion, will win the League championship?"

"Detroit looks like the winner, and they certainly deserve to get there."

"How many games will you play for the world's championship series?"

"Not less than nine, and probably thirteen. As soon as the winner is known the series will be arranged and the full number of games then decided on. There is great demand for the games in a dozen or more large cities of the country, notably New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Louisville, Boston and elsewhere, but we will not be able to play the series outside of a few of the leading cities. St. Louis, of course, comes first in consideration, and when the matter is settled we will decide how many games will be played here..."

"What will be the outcome of the Cuban Giants affair?"

"So far as the Giants are concerned I do not think they will molest us for failure to appear. The matter is not settled yet, though. I was very much surprised at the action of my men, to say the least."

I left in the part about the Cuban Giants because it shows that the Browns' financial obligations after their failure to play the scheduled exhibition game was still up in the air and because we get another specific reaction on the affair from Von der Ahe. Tomorrow, I'll give the Globe's account of the incident and talk about some of the things that are bothering me about the whole thing.

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