Friday, October 22, 2010

The 1887 World Series: The Situation Summed Up

Nothing is talked about in local sporting circles except the great games between the Browns and Detroits, and the question of supremacy is the source of numerous heated arguments. The result of the games will depend in a great measure on the condition the Browns are in when the time comes for the opening game. If the home team goes on the field in good condition, they will beat the Detroits, and the reason is plain. The Browns bat equally as hard as the Detroits, and besides their trickery at the bat disconcerts a pitcher more than the slugging abilities of their more portly rivals. In the fielding the teams are on a par and the Browns will win by their superiority in base-running. Detroit is woefully deficient in this department, while the Browns are wonderfully proficient, and it is base-running that wins games. This has been shown by facts this season. Chicago plays more like the Browns than any other League club, and Detroit has gone down repeatedly before Chicago. The situation summed up is this: The Browns have beaten Chicago, Chicago has beaten Detroit, hence the Browns should beat the Detroits.

The first two games will be played here on the 10th and 11th of this month.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 2, 1887

Not to give anything away but when you're forced to argue that you're going to win the series because of superior base running, I think your club is in trouble.

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