Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 1886 World Series: The Gate Receipts

After the game last evening President Von der Ahe sent a note to President Spaulding, suggesting that an exhibition game between the Browns and Chicagos be played in Cincinnati next Tuesday. This was Mr. Spaulding's reply:

Friend Von der Ahe: We must decline with our compliments. We know when we have had enough. Yours truly, A.G. Spaulding.

P.S. Anson joins me in the above message.

The gate receipts of the six games are as follows: In Chicago-Monday, $2,002; Tuesday, $2,831.75; Wednesday, $1,720.50.

In St. Louis-Thursday, $2,481.65; Friday, $2,384.20; Saturday, $2,500. Total, $13, 920.10.

One-half of this amount divided among twelve players gives each member of the team $580. The other half, $6,960, goes to Mr. Von der Ahe after all his expenses and the umpires' salaries have been deducted. Total attendance, 40,000.

In the six games played the Browns have scored 38 runs, made 49 hits, with a total of 79 bases, and are credited with 19 errors. The Chicagos made 28 runs, 36 hits, with a total of 56 bases and 27 errors. It will be seen that the Browns outplayed them all around.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 24, 1886

So, according to these numbers, the $15,000 Slide was actually worth $13, 920.10. Regardless, it was a nice payday for the players and Von der Ahe.

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