Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Paying Investment

Base Ball is a paying investment...President Von der Ahe, of the St. Louis club, is building eight brown-stone houses with his share of the profits of the club games...
-Columbus Daily Enquirer, February 19, 1884

This is interesting for a few reasons. First, it goes nicely with yesterday's post about baseball as a financial investment in property. It's also a nice comparison between Von der Ahe and Lucas as businessmen. Also, I think it was well-known that Von der Ahe invested his baseball earnings in real estate and owned brownstones in St. Louis but this is nice confirmation of that.

It's a short and sweet post today but I have some good stuff on tap that I'm working up. Tomorrow, there's a nice Fred Dunlap post, who I've shockingly neglected over the last year. Then I'm still trying to finish a post on Von der Ahe getting arrested in 1887 for operating a business on a Sunday, which is a more complicated story than you'd think. That should be up Tuesday. After that I should have a few posts up on the history of the Lucas family and then I should finally get around to starting on the 1887 world's championship series. So we all of that to look forward to.

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