Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Note On The Browns' Uniform In 1882

The firm of Casey & Lesson are hard at work making the uniforms for the St. Louis Browns and the Standards. The Browns are having two suits made. The regular is of white flannel, while the other is of bluish gray. The latter will be worn on practice and damp days, while the white uniform will be worn in fair weather and in regular games. The Standards are having their uniform made of white flannel. Theirs will be ready this week, while the Browns will be finished by the first of next week. The Standards will wear their new uniforms a week from to-day, while the Browns will don theirs two weeks from to-day, when they play their opening game with the Standards.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 6, 1882

The above picture is of the 1884 Browns and I remember posting the picture before and mentioning how bad an idea it was to wear dark uniforms in St. Louis during the summer. Based on the above account, it's likely that the uniforms were bluish gray and not brown or black like I assumed. I still wouldn't want to wear them in a game in St. Louis on a hot August day.

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