Saturday, December 19, 2009

The 1876 Brown Stockings: The Championship Situation

The past week has been an unprecedentedly unfortunate one for St. Louis, and has materially altered the relative standing of several of the clubs. Hartford, by her three brilliant victories over St. Louis, has emphatically settled the question as to which club is entitled to second place for the time being. These victories also bring the dark blues a notch nearer to the Chicagos for the pennant, as the Whites have played two more games than the Hartfords. The race between these formidable rivals will be watched with increased interest in the future. St. Louis still retains third position, but the Louisvilles are gradually crawling up, and from present indications bid fair to pass the Brown Stockings. The Kentuckians have been playing a magnificent game lately. The Mutuals have advanced a peg or two, and the Red-legged champions have, for the present, to content themselves with sixth place.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, June 11, 1876

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