Sunday, December 20, 2009

Curt Welch On Hand Ball

I was talking to Curt Welch, the Browns' centre fielder, on the preliminary practice usually taken y clubs in the early spring. "I am a great believer in good, honest athletic exercise in the gymnasium," he remarked, "but my hobby is hand ball. I believe you can get more solid benefit out of hand ball than in any other mode of exercise. To play the game as it should be played will develop all the muscles that are called into play on the diamond. It sharpens a man's appetite for physical culture, stimulates his muscular powers, and keeps him hustling to excel in his work. It brightens up the eye, is a damper on sluggishness, and calls into play a fellow's best energies. It's no game for a lazy man, but on the contrary has physically bettered many and many a player who might otherwise be inclined to inactivity. Just give me plenty of systematic hand ball exercise and I'll be in good condition to play ball for all that's in me all summer."

If Curt's field work is any criterion of his love of hand ball, its general adoption by the fraternity in general could find no better endorsement.
-Sporting Life, March 9, 1887

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