Thursday, September 24, 2009

Theodore Brown

The noted chess problemist, Theo. M. Brown, has been engaged to edit the base ball columns of Wilke's Spirit of the Times. He used to report the game in St. Louis.
-Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 16, 1873

Brown was indeed a noted chess problemist. He published several books of chess problems as well as books on general chess strategy. In Book of Chess Problems (1874), Brown published some biographical information about himself in the introduction:

Theodore Morris Brown...was born at Hammondsport, New York, A.D. 1837

At twelve years of age he commenced chess, and soon developed wonderful talent for the game.

His first problem was published in 1855, since which time we find his compositions everywhere.

In an 1877 volume of The Chess Journal, it was remarked that Brown died in September of 1876 and, in the November 1876 edition of the Westminster Paper, it was noted that Brown had contributed to the chess column of The New York Clipper for twenty years. The 1860 Kennedy directory lists Brown as living in St. Louis and working as a music teacher.

While this is certainly not a great deal of information, it peaks my interest. A music teacher, chess strategist, newspaperman and baseball writer-Theodore Brown appears to have lived a rather full life. I'd like to know more about him.

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