Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Centennial Nine

The Brown Stockings have already contracted with the players to represent them on the green diamond next season, and a perusal of the list, which is herewith appended, will show that the team has been very materially strengthened by the addition of such splendid ball-tossers as Clapp, the late Athletic catcher, who signed with the Browns last week; McGeary, formerly of the Philadelphias, and "Mack," of the Covington Stars. The following will probably constitute the Centennial nine: Bradley, pitcher; Clapp, catcher; Dehlman, first base; Battin, second base; McGeary, third base; Pearce, short stop; Cuthbert, left field; Pike, center field; Blong, right field and change pitcher; with Miller, change catcher, and Mack, who can play on either base or at short, as substitutes. Chicago must look to her laurels in '76.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, November 7, 1875

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