Monday, September 21, 2009

Anticipating A Glorious Struggle

Owing to the inclement weather, the ball-tossers have had little chance to practice during the past few days. The Brown Stockings are now all on hand, and Mike McGeary has been chosen Captain of the team. It is understood that the management have decided to open the season with the following nine: Bradley, Clapp, Dehlman, Mack, Battin, McGeary, Cuthbert, Pike and Blong. The team could not possibly be placed better. It will be at once seen that, as regards batting capabilities, the present nine ranks head and shoulders over that of last year, and if the boys will only bat this season as well as they fielded last, their struggle with Chicago will be a glorious one indeed.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 26, 1876

I feel like I'm rushing a bit too fast towards the season which, of course, is where all the action is and that's understandable. But I think, before I start covering the season, I'm going to go back and bit and see what I've missed. I know there is some negative coverage in the Globe somewhere regarding the formation of the League and the impact it has on smaller clubs and I certainly want to post that information. Also, I think I'll take a look around at some of the papers outside of St. Louis and see what they have to say about the Brown Stockings going into the 1876 season.

This is a project for the long haul and there's no need to rush things. I'm sure there's lots of good stuff that I didn't find from the November 1875-March 1876 period and now's probably the right time to go back and take another look.

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