Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dunlap Assaults A Bartender

Attorney Irving E. Ziegler yesterday brought four specially interesting damage suits in the Common Pleas Court. In one of them Daniel J. Heffron, formerly bartender at McCuen's Eleventh street saloon, is the plaintiff, and Frederick Dunlap, the former second baseman of the Pittsburg ball club, is the defendant. Heffron asks for $10,000 damages for an alleged assault and battery. He days that at midnight on the 3d of last April he was in a place on south Thirteenth street when Dunlap attacked him, striking him with his fists on the head and face. His head was cut and lacerated, his eyes blacked and his body bruised and maimed. Dunlap, he says, first knocked him senseless to the floor and then kicked him. In consequence of his injuries the bartender says that he was under treatment at home and in a hospital for fourteen days and it is his physician's opinion that he will never regain his former health and strength. He asserts that he has always conducted himself at all times and places in a proper manner and that the assault was without the slightest cause or provocation.
-The North American (Philadelphia), May 23, 1894

I haven't found another source yet on how all of this played out but I'm still looking.

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