Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Fine Game

Base Ball.-This fine game we are pleased to see is becoming very popular in our city, and it is to be hoped the interest taken in it will continue unabated.  The young men here are very much confined by business, and some of them really need out of door exercise of some kind, and we know of no innocent sport which is healthier or more interesting than the game of base ball.  At present there are some five or six clubs in existence, each having from thirty to forty members, and it is understood two or three more clubs are now forming, and it is presumed others will be created from time to time, and the thousands of sickly looking young men and boys now to been around town will begin to look hale and hearty, something like the iron-nerved man of fifty years ago were wont to look.  And right here we will say to the ladies, that they can do much towards advancing their healthy exercise by encouraging the players with their divine presence.  They may go out to the play grounds and run no risk of having harsh or ungentlemanly language grate in their ears, for the rules of all clubs are very strict, and no one who does not know how to behave like a gentleman can be admitted.  It is currently reported around town that the Commercial will play the Empire Club during Fair week.  Should a match be made between the clubs, some extra playing may be expected.  The Empire's have thus far held the champion bat, but they will have to be on alert when they come in contact with the Commercial boys, or it will be taken from them.
-St. Louis Daily Bulletin, September 18, 1860 

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