Monday, April 13, 2009

Giants On The Ball Field, Part Seven

Henry G. Paschall and C.C. Maffitt were prominent members of the Union, the latter playing good ball, while the former did the looking-on act.  Other members on the active list of this club were Henry Whitmore, Thad G. Smith, E. Filley, Wm. L. Fitzgerald, Emil Meyzenberg, Geo. J. Chapman, Alfred J. Papin, W.A. Brother, Lamartin Lackland, Geo. P. Plant, Jr., Chas January, E.M. Morrison, Thos. Larkin, Ira Stansberry, J.J. Anderson, Ben. W. McCullough..., John Holmes, Jr., Howard Brother, Wm. A. Yore, Hugh Devlin, H.C. Pearce, Frank Barada, Mm. Garesche, Roderick A. Peck, F. W. Gould, Robert Sickles, C.R. Garrison and I.V.W. Dutcher, all representative young business men.

Among the Unions's honorary members were Augustus B. Ewing, General John W. Turner, General E.H. Hyington, E.R. Morris, Prentice Smith, D.M. Houser, Daniel G. Taylor, at one time Mayor of St. Louis, Harvey Delano, C. Bant Carr, Dr. W.T. Helmuta, Wm. L. Hull, D. Robert Barclay, Theo Teaser, Fred M. Colburn, R.H. Spencer, David A. Sutton of the St. Louis Times, Phil G. Ferguson of the Democrat, O. Garrison and W.B. Edgar, the banker.  

The late John F. Walton, Justice of the Peace and member of the State Legislature for four terms, was one of the oldest of the Empire members.  He was quite a good player until he acquired a superbity of flesh, but never failed seeing a game if he could get there.  He looked upon Trick McSorley of the Red Stocking Club as one of the very best of players.
-St. Louis Daily Republic, February 9, 1896

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