Friday, April 3, 2009

How To Win Love

If you wish to be woman's love, her hero, her ideal, her delight, her utter rest and ultimatum, you must attune your soul to fine issues-you must bring out the angel in you, and keep the brute under.  It is not that you shall stop making shoes and begin to write.  No, sir.  You may make shoes, you may run engines, you may carry coals; you may blow the huntsman's horn, hurl the base ball, follow the plow, smite the anvil; your face might be brown, your veins knotted, your hands grimed, and yet you may be a hero...
-Centralia Sentinel, October 22, 1863

I'll spare you the rest of the advice on how to win a woman's love but I will say that it has something to do with being like a June morning or a white water lily.  The interesting thing here is the Civil War-era reference to baseball.  Since they're rather rare in St. Louis area newspapers, I thought I'd pass it along.  

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