Friday, April 24, 2009

A Charming Contest

One of those charming contests for athletic superiority came off yesterday afternoon, upon the grounds of the "Empire," between the Union and Lone Star clubs.  The day was exceedingly fine, and the play drew a large number of spectators, who appeared to enjoy the sport almost as much as those directly engaged in it.  The match was contested with much spirit, increasing to the close, when victory perched on the banner of the Union...
-St. Louis Daily Bulletin, October 9, 1860

The Union was up 24-19 going into the ninth when the Lone Stars scored four runs.  It must have been a rather exciting half inning.  In the bottom of the ninth, the Union scored 17 runs to make the final score 41-23.  

Playing for the Union was J. Freeman, c; J. Greenleaf, p; E. Finny, 1b; W. Freeman, 2b; R. Niggerman, 3b; A. Smith, ss; A. Hamelton, lf; R. Reinck, cf; and F. Billon, rf.  Playing for the Lone Stars was R. Duncan, c; J.M. Jacobs, p (who scored no runs, made seven outs, and gave up 41); W. Dukes, 1b; Jas. Burk, 2b; Jas. McGin, 3b; W. Duncan, ss; J. Phillip, lf; T.C. Smith, cf; and A.G. Duke, rf.   

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