Monday, April 20, 2009

Boys Versus Men

At an early hour yesterday morning a number of people assembled on the vacant grounds near Twentieth and Biddle streets, to witness a match game of base ball, between the Excelsior and Lone Star Clubs-boys vs. men.  The contest terminated in favor of the men of the Excelsior Club.
-St. Louis Daily Bulletin, August 17, 1860

The score of the match was 49-16.  Playing for the Excelsiors was Hamilton, Noerr (or Noett), Hamilton, Hanck, Taylor (or Tayler), Hudson, Linneman, Hamilton, and Wolfan (and Wolfun).  Playing for the Lone Stars was Laferty, Duncan, Duncan, Smith, Plum, W. Dukes, N. Dukes, Jacobs, and Maginn.   Frederick Kern, of the Empire Club, was the umpire.   

A couple of interesting things here.  First, the Lone Star Club was unknown to me and therefore adds to our list of known antebellum St. Louis baseball clubs.  Second, I have no idea of whether "men vs. boys" refers to the difference in the skill level of the two clubs as reflected in the final score or whether if this was actually a match played between grown men and what was, essentially, a junior club.  Finally, we have another game played at the Laclede Grounds.  Good times.    

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