Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TimeRime And Other Bloggy Type Nonsense

I get a lot of requests for links from various blogs and websites. It's a part of blogging that I don't really get into. If I link to your site, it's because I like it or find it useful. I don't trade links just to increase my ranking at Technorati. That stuff isn't important to me. And just because I get some official sounding email from your marketing department doesn't mean I'm going to plug your website.

However, I got an email today from a website called TimeRime. It's a website where you can go and create historical time lines as well as view those created by others. I thought it was rather cool and have already started fiddling around with a time line for 19th century St. Louis baseball. It's something I've been thinking about doing anyway and now I have an easy to use software application to create it. TimeRime certainly has gained the TGOG Seal of Approval.

If you like this blog than you're probably a history freak and it's a well known fact that history freaks love time lines. We just do. So TimeRime is something you might want to check out. I've already spent way too much time playing around on the site.

Also, while I'm thinking of it, Cardinal Diaspora, one of the best Cardinal blogs out there, has changed addresses. I've updated the link over there in the sidebar to reflect the fact that they allowed some Russia mobsters to steal their old domain name. "First they came for Hooks and I did nothing because I'm not a snarky jerkoff..." On the plus side, the new layout looks good. It's almost like they have professionals or adults running the site for them.

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