Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Reds Play In Edwardsville

The Red Stockings of St. Louis played the Madisons of (Edwardsville, Illinois) on the grounds of the latter here to-day. Almost all interest was knocked out of the game in the first inning by the Reds allowing the Madisons to score seven runs, only two of which were earned. From this time on both clubs played well, and the Reds at times batted hard, but were unable to reduce the lead acquired by their opponents.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 21, 1885

I thought that this game, which the Reds lost 16-10, was probably as close to my house as the Reds ever got. However, according to Google Maps, it's eleven miles from my house to Edwardsville and it's eleven miles from my house to where the Compton Avenue Grounds were located. Fascinating, isn't it? For what it's worth, it's only ten miles from my house to the former location of the Grand Avenue Grounds.

And with that information, you can now triangulate the location of my house.

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