Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Sensation Of The Day

The sensation of the day in base-ball circles was the action of T.P. Sullivan, who last night severed his connection with the St. Louis Union Club. Sullivan has been the manager of that organization since the date of its birth and has been very successful in the position, his club, until the Bostons arrived here, having an unbroken chain of 20 victories. Mr. Sullivan when spoken to about his action in tendering his resignation said: "Three of the leading spirits tried to run the club and opposed all others in it. I would not tolerate this, and as I was not backed up in my actions by President Lucas, I tendered my resignation. The three I mean are Dunlap, Rowe, and Shafer. They formed a faction, and I and the others could not agree with them, and as a result there was nothing left for me to do but resign. In so doing I have placed myself in a delicate position, for as you know I was claimed by another club, a party to the tripartite agreement, and by sticking to the Unions my name was placed on the black list. I have no engagement just now, but have something in view which I don't care to speak of at present."
-The New York Times, June 16, 1884

The "something in view" which Sullivan was talking about was most likely a job as manager of the Kansas City Unions.

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