Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Burying The Hatchet

Broad and big-hearted Jim Byrne captured Chris Von der Ahe (on) Thursday night, invited him into the Lindell Hotel and introduced him to Charles Comiskey, captain, and George Munson, secretary of the Chicago Brotherhood Club. Tom Loftus, manager of the Cincinnatis, and Latham the only, were also there and as the old trio shook hands...Lath gave a war whoop that could be heard on the roof of the Lindell. It was the first time Von der Ahe, Comiskey and Munson had spoken to each other since last fall, when they parted company. Von der Ahe seemed ready to bury the hatchet. The others were in the same humor and over brimming glasses of wine they drank to the days of auld lang syne when base ball was on top and the Brotherhood and other nightmare things were unknown.

Comiskey suggested to Von der Ahe that they bury the hatchet and play a series of games between the Chicago players and the St. Louis Brown Stocking team.

Von der Ahe thought it a good scheme and said he would enter into it if the League and other American Association clubs interposed no objection.

Other propositions were made and accepted and the probability is that the old ill feeling that has existed between Von der Ahe, Comiskey and Munson has been wiped out for good.
-The Sporting News, October 18, 1890

The Chicago Brotherhood club and the Cincinnati League team were in St. Louis to play a game on October 18th. This meeting laid the foundation for both Comiskey and Munson's return to the Browns in 1891.

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