Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pud Galvin's Obituary

James Galvin, the once famous ball pitcher, is dead at his home in Allegheny, Pa., aged 47. He had been ill for four months with (an ailment) of the stomach. Galvin was a product of the famous "Kerry Patch," St. Louis, which produced such players as Scrappy Joyce...and Jack O'Connor. In 1877 he was purchased from Buffalo by the Pittsburg National league club and played there three seasons. He went back to the famous Buffalo organization and played four season, and joined Pittsburg again in 1893, but was released to St. Louis. In 1894 he played in the Eastern league, but his pitching arm gave out. He was appointed umpire in the National league, but lasted only a short time. He started a saloon in Allegheny, but not being a man of business he lost his place. He was foreman for a contractor, and lately a bartender.

I found Galvin's obit at The Deadball Era and it's dated March 8, 1902. While I assume that it originally appeared in The Sporting News, there is no source listed and I was unable to independently verify it.

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