Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Quick Note On The Reds/Keokuk Series

The Keokuk ball-players are an unlucky crowd and the Red Stockings this season seem to be equally unfortunate. Rain sticks as close to them as their undershirts in August. Yesterday afternoon, at the Compton Avenue Park, these organizations were to have played the third game of their series, but it was necessarily postponed until to-day. Owing to the threatening weather, not over 100 spectators were assembled at the park an hour before the game was announced to commence.
-From The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, May 21, 1875

So the Reds were scheduled to play the Westerns on May 19 and 22 in St. Louis. The game on the 19th was postponed twice and finally played on the May 21. The game on the 22nd was also postponed due to weather and was never officially made-up. Of course, an exhibition between the Reds and Westerns was played the next day.

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