Saturday, May 17, 2008

One Hundred And Fifty Dollars

Chris Von der Ahe was allowed $150 by Judge Spencer Saturday morning for his services as trustee of the St. Louis Club. This was all that Chris gets out of the wreck of his once profitable base ball property. Before Von der Ahe’s claim was allowed he made a hot fight through his attorney, William Kinnerk, against the acceptance and final approval of Receiver Muckenfuss’ report. Judge Spencer in conclusion spoke sharply for the first time during the entire litigation to Mr. Von der Ahe’s attorney, stating that his objections had no weight. The receiver’s report was approved and the Court ordered his discharge. Muckenfuss was allowed the sum of $1404.83 in addition to what he has heretofore been paid for his services as receiver.

-From Sporting Life, April 8, 1899

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