Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Liberty Hop

Last night the Liberty Base Ball Association gave their second annual ball at Concert Hall, on Market street. If the members of this well-known amateur club have reasons to congratulate themselves upon the successes attained upon the ball field last season, still greater reasons have they to congratulate themselves upon the success of their delightful hop last evening. The hall was comfortably crowded with youth and beauty, who danced away the fleeting hours until daylight peeped in to warn them to cease their festivities. Many excellent costumes were worn by the ladies. Professor Fisher furnished both music and supper, which were truly excellent. Among those who were present were: Miss Lou Peters, Miss Josie Reed, Miss Carrie Meyer, Miss Amelia Ponce, Miss Emma and Miss Laura McGuire, Miss Annie Nolte and Miss Dozier; Messrs. M. O'connor, Wm. Claymore, Charles Kimble, Henry Reed, Charles Cross, Clarence Cross, Fred. Pimm, Wm. Tompkins, John Tompkins, David Ring, Frank Colman, Mr. Keener, and others.
-From The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, December 10, 1875

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