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More On Edward Farish

Edward Tilghman Farish, who has long been a prominent lawyer at the Saint Louis bar, was born in Woodville, Mississippi, August 7, 1836. His father, Edward T. Farish, was a physician and surgeon of English lineage, and his mother was Caroline Hamilton, of Louisianna, granddaughter of Sir William Hamilton, a Scotch baron. Edward lost both parents before he was twelve years old, and in 1847 came to Saint Louis to live with relatives on the father's side. He was graduated at the Saint Louis University in 1854. Two years later, having read law with Abram Fenly, he was admitted to the bar, and soon formed a partnership with A.J.P. and P.B. Garesche, which partnership lasted till the civil war broke out, when P.B. Garesche joined the confederates. In 1857 Mr. Farish was married to Miss Lilly Garesche.

In 1864 Mr. Farish became a partner of Hon. R.A. Bakewell, which lasted till 1876, when Mr. Bakewell went on the bench. Meanwhile P.B. Garesche had returned from the South, and joined the firm in 1868.

Mr. Farish seems to be partial to the civil practice, yet in the few criminal cases in which he has been retained, he was shown great adroitness and skill, as well as ability in their management. He defended Picton, a merchant, and prosecuted Edwards, teller of the Union Savings Bank, both cases growing out of mercantile transactions, both of a good deal of importance, and both exciting a great deal of interest at the time.

Mr. Farish was city counselor from 1876 to 1878, but he has never been an office seeker. Parties with whom we have conversed from time to time, and who have known him longest, state that he is a very close student, that he has fine literary as well as legal talents; that he is an able advocate; that he speaks with ease and fluency; is candid as well as logical and earnest, and has great persuasive powers, hence his success. Best of all, his character is irreproachable, the purity of his life being unquestioned.
-From The Bench and Bar of St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Other Missouri Cities (published by The American Biographical Publishing Company, 1884)

According to the Neale and Garesce Ancestry website, Farish was born on August 9, 1833 and died on July 21, 1904. He married Elizabeth Amelia (Lilly) Garesche, sister of his law partner Alexander Garesche and fellow member of the Cyclone Club Ferdinand Garesche, on February 10, 1857.

A notice of Farish's death appeared in The New York Times on July 22, 1904 stating that he died at his residence on July 21, 1904. It listed his residence as 3658 Page Avenue.

Note: I want to thank Scott Green who was kind enough to send me the above information on Farish as well as information on other members of the Cyclones.

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