Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Nice Picture Of Chris Von Der Ahe

Surprisingly, I actually haven't found that many pictures of Von der Ahe. This one was taken from the Von der Ahe thread over at Baseball Fever (hat tip to runningshoes who originally posted it).


Richard Hershberger said...

This is really a reply to that Baseball Fever thread. You should write this material up. It deserves treatment less ephemeral than a message board thread or blog entries. There are several potential places to publish. John Thorn's journal is an obvious candidate.

Jeff Kittel said...

There's not much meat on the bone right now, Richard. All I really have is the Tobias quote plus what we already knew about Von der Ahe in 1880. I've been digging through the Globe the last few days looking for something from 1875 that would support Tobias but without much luck as yet. Plus I'm going to look through TSN and see specifically how their coverage of Von der Ahe changes between 1886 and 1899. We'll just have to wait and see were this all goes.

Richard Hershberger said...

Fair enough. I'm a sucker for the debunking of colorful fictions. I hope you find more.