Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tobias On The Cyclone Club

The Cyclone Club came into existence in 1859 and included in its membership some of the brightest young men of St. Louis, among them a number of whom have left the impress of their handiwork in almost every honorable calling. The founders of this club were Ed Bredell, a St. Louisan, and M. W. Griswold, a former resident of Brooklyn, N. Y. and a captain in the U. S. Army. Through the exertions of these base ball enthusiasts and organization was perfected embracing eventually with others the following: M. W. Alexander, the well-known druggist; Ed. T. Farish, lawyer; Jno. P. Collier; Ferd. L. Garesche; Joseph Gamble, now a clergyman in one of the Eastern States; Basil Duke, lawyer and later a brigadier-general in the Confederate Army; Dr. Gratz Moses, John Lapsley, Rufus Gamble, Jno. T. Davis, son and successor in business of Sam'l C. Davis; Alfred Bernoudy, Recorder of Deeds; Ed Bernoudy; Edward Bredell, afterward one of Mosby's men in Virginia; John S. Fullerton, lawyer, Brigadier-General in the Union Army and after the war postmaster in this city; Leonard and W.H. Matthews, druggists, and E. O. Matthews, now a commodore in the U. S. Navy; Alex Grossman, a son of a captain in the U. S. Army; John Waddell, nephew of Gen. D. M. Frost, a confederate soldier and later a state officer; Col. J. Griff Prather, the Democratic statesman, and Willis C. Walker, merchant.

-E. H. Tobias, writing in The Sporting News, November 2, 1895

Based on the writings of Tobias, Griswold, and Leonard Matthews, I now have a list of thirty-one men who have been mentioned as members of the Cyclone Club. While I have no confidence that this is a complete list, I'm comfortable saying that most of the members of the club have been identified.

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