Thursday, March 6, 2008

It Always Has To Come To This (or My Soul Casts About Like An Old Paper Bag)

Another VEB All-Time Sim Tournament Update (With Video!):

It's over. The Reaper has come for the Four-Time Champions in the form of Dizzy Dean and the Gashouse Gang. Zubin has all the gory details over at VEB. I'm disappointed. I really expected the Browns to make more noise in the tourney. But what can you do? It was a tough bracket and there's going to be some really good teams falling by the wayside before it's all said and done. And I'm now officially switching my allegiance to the 1985 Cardinals.

So the Browns getting knocked out of the tourney makes me feel bad...but Neko Case makes me feel good. It all balances out in the end.

Here's Neko singing Deep Red Bells.


Hex (the audio and video aren't synced but just close your eyes and listen)

Update: VEB just updated the tournament and the quarterfinals are now set. In one bracket, the 2006 Evil Mojo Cards are taking on the 1946 Cardinals and the 1926's will be playing the 1968 El Birdos. On the other side, the 1982's versus the 1985's (this is going to be a fun series; two of my all-time favorites) and the Gashouse Gang versus the '64 Cards. Honestly, there's not a bad series in the lot. The Evil Mojo's going against Stan the Man. Old Pete taking on Gibby. A war between Whitey's Boys. Mike Shannon versus Dizzy Dean. Certainly, fun will be had by all.

And we even have more Neko Case. You can't beat this with a stick.

If You Knew

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