Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Final Four (With Video!)

We're two weeks from opening day (to which I can only give thanks and praise) and VEB's All-Time Sim Tournament is now down to the final four. This can only mean it's time for another tourney update (with video!). And can I do that-a parenthetical expression ending in an exclamation point, followed by a period? I doubt it but, since my copy of Strunk & White is not within arms reach, I'm going to let it stand. While regular readers of this blog are probably used to my idiocyncratic approach to grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I am a bit wary of frightening off the newbs. Such are the vagaries of life.

Even though the Four Time Champions have already been eliminated, I'm still enjoying the tourney and want to see the thing through. Plus, it's a good opportunity to plug Viva El Birdos again. Head over and check out the new layout. If I haven't mentioned it, VEB is by far the best place online for Cardinals' information and analysis.

And as to the tourney, like I said we're now down to the final four. The 1926's, the 1946's, the 1964's, and the 1985's (my boys) are still standing. You really should check out game seven of the series between the 1964's and the Gashouse Gang. I don't want to give away the ending so all I'm going to say is ole Abner has done it again. The Moonman sure did have himself a nice series.

I believe the semi-final match-ups will pit the 26's against the 46's and the 64's against the 85's. I'm beyond making predictions at this point because I think a reasonable argument can be made for any one of these teams winning the whole shooting match. It should be fun.

On to the video! Today's offering is Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins.

Rise Up With Fists

Run Devil Run/Big Guns

You Are What You Love

Happy (and I hesitate to expose you to this video; instead of the Watson Twins, there's some creepy puppet; I don't know how to explain the whole puppet thing but I love this song)

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