Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whether I Play Or Not I Will Receive The Amount Called For

Fred Dunlap, the great second baseman of the Detroit Club says that if he has his way he will not play in Pittsburg next year. Talking of the scheme to force him to play with Pittsburg he says: "The directors of the Detroit Club are probably unaware of the fact that I am in possession of a contract with the club for 1888. If they release me I will not join any other club, but report at Detroit for duty. It is pay or play with me. I will do the playing and the Detroits the paying. My contract will hold good, and whether I play or not I will receive the amount called for in my contract, $4,000...

-From The Sporting News, January 7, 1888

For more on Dunlap's contract difficulties, I refer you to this post.

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