Saturday, February 2, 2008

No Words

On the verge of sweeping the 2004 Cards in VEB's All-Time Sim Tournament, the bullpen of the 1888 Browns threw it all away. I don't have words to describe the epic nature of the bullpen collapse so just check it out for yourselves. Un-fracking-believable.

Wait...I do have some words. I'm developing a deep, personal dislike for Nat Hudson. It's something akin to how I feel about Juan Acavedo and Dave Veres and Kent Merker and Jeff Tabaka and Jason Marquis.

Well, there's always tomorrow. The 1888 Browns still lead the 2004 Cards three games to one. And the 1885 Browns have taken a two games to one lead over the 2000 Cards after Bob Caruthers' complete game six hitter.

Nat Hudson?

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