Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is It Too Early To Be Despondent?

So I come home from work to find round three of VEB's All-Time Sim Tournament in full swing. Actually it started yesterday but the results were not exactly what I was hoping for. I was trying to ignore the fact that the 2006 Cards beat down Bob Caruthers and the 1885 Browns. Carp was pitching and Caruthers doesn't know that he's not supposed to pitch to Pujols. Why would he? The man's been dead for almost a hundred years. Dave Foutz was scheduled to pitch today for the 1885's and there was no way the frackin' 2006's were going to beat Parisian Bob and Scissors back to back. Right?

I guess at this point before I begin to speculate on the state of Larussa's immortal soul I should say hello to all the folks from Viva El Birdos. Welcome to TGOG. Feel free to look around while you're here. There's plenty of stuff on the Browns (not to be confused with 1875-1877 Brown Stockings). We have some original research, photos, Old Judge Cards-all kinds of good stuff. And a big thank you to Larry for the link. VEB is by far the best Cardinals site out there and everybody involved should be very proud of what you've built.

So exactly what kind of deal did LaRussa make with the Devil before the 2006 post-season? Whatever it was, that mojo has carried over into the tournament. In game two of their series with the 1885's, Jeff Suppan shuts out the Browns and the Miracle Cardinals are suddenly up two games to nothing. Since I already used up my entire supply of speechless indignation, all I'm going to say is that if Jason Marquis pitches in this series and beats the 1885 Browns I may have a full-on cerebrovascular accident.

And to top it off, the 1888 Browns lost to the 1968 Cards. Silver King versus Bob Gibson didn't exactly live up to the hype as the Browns committed six errors and threw the game away. I've said it before but I'll say it one more time: Will somebody please go out and buy these guys some gloves! Here's hoping that the series goes seven games so we can have a King/Gibson deciding game duel (and so that St. Curt can slip in center field as he goes after a ball hit by Jack Boyle into the left-center gap, costing the 1968's yet another series win).

Anyway, you can see all today's results here. And we have the 1886's, out to defend the honor of the Four Time Champions, going tomorrow against the Gashouse Gang. Foutz against Dean I would suppose.

And by the way, I was only kind of kidding about Flood. I apologize to the memory of St. Curt and to the whole Curt Flood family.

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